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WCG Fantasy Football League

In the comments for the previous post, the topic was brought up of a WCG FF league.  I am already involved in too many as is including a SB Nation Bloggers League, but if I am needed to fill in, I can probably find room for one more.

This is the official interest post.  Chad has already offered to set the league up and administer it.  It will be a free league, most likely on ESPN unless you all decide otherwise.

I will gladly post results and or standings on this site each week, if that helps or adds anything to it for you.  

If you are in leave a comment.  At this point let's shoot for a 12 team league and see how many we get.  If it goes over we can either switch to a 16 team league or start two smaller ones. At the end of the FF season I will put the champion's name on the sidebar as the WCG FF Champion for the rest of the year. If we have more than one leauge we will have to come up with some tie breaker, like total points by each league's champ and or total TDs.

Particiapants Chad
mike bornemann
Rob G