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Hating on the Bears

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Every year you can find some loser reporter out to get some quick exposure by calling a team to win that nobody else would or ranking a team much lower than they should be.  For the most part, I don't care.  I usually just pass over it.  If you wanted you could come up with a good reason why every team won't win.  Sometimes, like ESPN's loser SC Ultimate Depth Chart, one just gets me.  Not sure why it does, usually it is becuase the person who wrote decides not to give any real reasons.

If you want to come out and say there are still questions at QB, WR #1 and WR#2, plus some key guys are unhappy with their contracts, then fine, I can at least buy that, but unfourtunately that isn't how it works.

Last year it was Dr. Z who called out the Bears as the worst team in football.  Sure, we get the last laugh, but by the time we have that chance nobody but Bears fans remember.

This time my huckleberry is Colin Cowherd.  Most of us in smaller cities are forced to listen to this knucklehead as we only have one sports channel and this is what ESPN force feeds us(I never thought I would miss TK).  He was on a rant about why the Bengals would crash and burn this season.  Sighting mostly their off season legal issues.  Nevermind the fact that the biggest reason is the question mark surrounding their QB.  Almost out of nowhere he switches to the Bears.  Not a big deal, but his reasons are, you ready for this?  Last season was an aburation, it was all smoke and mirrors.  Seriously, that is all he gave me.  Based on that he felt confident in calling the Bears and Bengals icebergs.  

Not even getting into the Bears issues, just look at our division.  Even if we were a medicore team we should be able to come out of it on top.  Making the play offs alone renders his point useless and uninformed.

So add Cowherd to the WCG Ignorant Person list, along with Dr. Z and Jay Mariotti.  Accepting nominations now.