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Bears want more/Lelie not a Bear

These two blurbs come from the
same article
from The Tribune.

We caused about as many as the team that recovered the most fumbles, but we didn't recover nearly as many," said defensive tackle Ian Scott, referring to the Giants getting 20 of 29 fumbles. "If we get even half of the ones we could, those are momentum swingers.

Every coach will tell you turnovers win ball games and every coach wants to recover more, but when you have a defense as dynamic as the Bears' can be and you are not sure what production you will get out of our offense, turnovers are a must.

 Coach Lovie Smith confirmed the Bears have no interest in Denver receiver Ashley Lelie.

"We like the receivers we have," Smith said. "The odds are this is the team we'll go with right here."

No big deal here.  Lelie has done nothing special with his time in Denver, what makes anybody think he would elsewhere?