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News on Briggs

While hitting the rumour mills I ran across this bit on Lance Briggs, that make me wonder what really is going on.  Here is a part of the article.

As to linebacker Lance Briggs, we've learned that the contract he turned down earlier in the offseason would have given him the second-highest spot on the team's pay structure, behind only linebacker Brian Urlacher.  Previously reported as a package with $12.5 million guaranteed and a $5.5 million annual average, the deal would have paid $18 million over the first three seasons.  But that offer, as we understand it, is currently off of the table, and it's not coming back.

A league source tells us that part of the concern with Briggs is that he's not sufficiently self-motivated, and that if he's not working out with the team he puts on weight.  Thus, it'll be interesting to see whether he shows up for training camp of his contract year in good shape.

Another source told us that the knock on Briggs coming out of college, and which could still make teams shy away from him in free agency, was that he hung with a bad crowd and was "average" as a player who made a lot of tackles but played small at times.  Also, a reader dug up an item indicating that Brigg apparently was in the thick of the player-led revolt against former Arizona coach John Mackovic, which could be regarded as a drawback in some NFL cities.

To add to it, there are also reports that the Bears might let Briggs hit free agency, becuase in league circles most realize that half the reason he had such a great season is due to playing next to Urlacher and the type of defense Coach Smith uses.  It is thought, it you remove those two his value drops immensely.

I really don't know what to think about this.  One one had it looks like the guy is a few sit-ups away from T.O., on the other hand he hasn't caused any problems that we know of with the Bears and as long as he plays good who cares.  What is your take on this?