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Hester's Contract/Bogus Deal?

This site has a couple of pieces about two of the deals the Bears have worked out with their rookies. I will break them up into two separate posts.

The first is with Devin Hester.  While I haven't yet found details on what is in the contract, it seems to be causing some concerns with other second round players and their agents.  

...there's a growing concern that other teams will use the terms secured by Hester's agent, Eugene Parker, to keep the deals signed by other second-round picks low.

"It will hurt the marketplace," said one league source.  "Everyone on the team side will say if Parker can do a flat deal, so can you."

The two thoughts that are floating around are that Hester needed the money fast and the Bears took advantage of that and the second is that the Bears used this as an oppurtunity to get some type of revenge on Parker who was in part responsible for Cedric Benson's hold out last year.

While I will not throw out a blanket statement like "Revenge would never happen" I seriously doubt that.  The Bears have had to deal with Parker at least two straight years, so there is a chance that we will have to deal with him again.  While screwing him might be on the mind of some in the end it creates more tension for the next draft pick that takes him for an agent and it could start some bad blood flowing between Hester and the Bears if he feels he was undercut.  

I would be more likley to believe the former thought that Hester or his family is in dire financial situation and he was willing to take an deal that might benefit the Bears more than himself in order to get the negotiations over and money in his pocket faster.