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Lelie Almost a Bear?

Just rummaging about some scattered football news and I came across an article about disgruntled Broncos receiver Ashley Lelie.

Most of the article talks about Lelie's unhappieness with still being the #2 receiver behind the now Broncos star wideout, Javon Walker.  It is likely that Lelie will holdout, but that doesn't matter to us one way or another.  What does however is this little nugget:

The New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears are among the teams the Broncos previously have been engaged in talks. But nothing appears to be imminent.

Now in any sports league trade talk is just  and any GM worth his salt will listen to another GM's offer regardless of how absurd or useless it is, so I will chalk it up to that.

If however, Angelo did engage in any type of serious discussion about Lelie and if I had any say in it which I know I don't let me say this...stay away.

I have much respect for the fact that Lelie is confident in his abilities and that he wants to be the man and see as much playing time as he can, but I am pretty sure you have to have done something in your career before you go trying to bully your way into the lineup or onto somebody else's.  The only reason T.O. keep finding a home and somebody willing to take a chance on him is becuase he is one of the best if not the best.  You sir, are no T.O.  You aren't even a Joe Jeriviousousousous yet.

While I appreciate the need for speed, the Bears have a stable of unproven yet promising #2 receivers, some of which have blazing speed themselves.  We have no need for one more who will probably hold us hostage at some point later in his career.