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McCaskey Ranks 29

Mike Silver on the front of SI/NFL has an article ranking all 32 owners in the NFL based on their commitment to winning.  Understandable Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones ranked 1 and 2 respectively.  It took a few pages before I finally found Michael McCaskey listed at 29.  Here is the blurb they had about him.

McCaskey, who once did so miserably as a manager that his mother banished him to lawn duty, has the distinction of serving as chairman of the board of what one owner called "the most undermanaged outfit in the league."

I have never held the Bears owners in very high regard as I didn't think they were hands on enough when we needed it, but I never would call them bad management, so I liked the word they used here, undermanaged.

The three owners that fell below were Mike Brown of the Bengals, Bill Bidwill of the Cardinals and Tom Benson of the Saints.

I don't know exactly what criteria was used here, but my one gripe is that the Lions' owners finsihed at 22.  I don't now how passionate or hands on Ford and Clay are with the Lions, but I refuse to belive that a team that has never accomplished anything in the entire existence of their team is ranked higher.  Even when they had the best running back in the entire game they rarely managed to get to the playoffs.  What kind of ownership is that?