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Chicago Bears Interview

Since the success of the Thomas Jones interview, I have been trying to secure any number of others.  I have tried to contact writers, players as well as staff.  I received back an email from Patrick Mannelly.

Mannelly, a 9 year vet out of Duke, has handled snapping duties for the Bears in all but 3 games during his tenure.  He anchored a line that has NFL records for most consecutive unblocked punts (920) and games without a blocked punt (180).

As per last interview, I would like to give you the oppurtunity to submit questions.  The only subject I know that I want to ask about is the difference in training camp for a special teams player versus a full-time offensive or defensive player.  I am interested in seeing what you have in mind.

As the Bears are in training camp, it might take some time to get the answers back, so look for it in the near future.