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Pope could mean exit for Jones

There is a little piece that has showed up in the Chicago Sun-Times concerning 4th string running back P.J. Pope.  With Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson not playing today due to injury and Adrian Peterson only playing a few drives if even, it means Pope will get an unusual amount of carries in this game.  

If Pope turns out to be better than expected and can prove to be a quality #3 running back, it would make Thomas Jones more  easily tradable in the remaining off season.

If the Bears think that Benson is ready to lead the team, I have no problem with that, just trade TJ and get it over witt.  The problem is the Bears don't seem to be ready to hand over the reigns completely.  

It seems that everybody outside of Chicago and its fans wants Jones traded quite badly and I am not sure why.  

That said maybe the big hold up is what the Bears would be offered for Jones.  I'd guess they would want at bare minimum a 2nd or at least a player who can start now.