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New Poll

I normally don't talk about polls, but this one has a bit of a reach involved in it, so I thought I would explain a little bit first.

Rumors are a swirl about the Bears being involved in trade talks with Denver and Oakland for receivers Ashley Lelie and Jerry Porter respectively.  The hold up is that both teams regard their receiver worth at least a 2nd.

There is another receiver who is disgrunteled with his current team, Deion Branch of the New England Patriots.  Branch is established, has passed expectations and has two outstanding showing in the Super Bowl including the MVP a few years back.  The reason NE won't give him a new contract is that they dont' see him as a top guy, so it is feasable that their asking price would be lower.

My poll to you is simple using the criteria that we would be giving away a 3rd or 4th and Michael Haynes, which receiver would you rather have.