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Favre Retiring?

Favre has been a part of Bears lore for the better part of a decade.  Either directly destroying us or like last year, almost handing us the game.  After a  preseason game in which the Chargers used Favre as a punching bag, he has called a press conference for today.  Nobody reporting is positive, but there are those who are sure he is calling it quits today.

That of course puts the Pack in a bad way when it comes to a QB.  They will either have to run with 2nd year Aaron Rodgers or go after a free agent.  The two names that I am sure will float around will be Kerry Collins and Vinny, but since protection up front is the issue and neither of those two guys exactly has a motor I am not sure if it makes a difference.  Might as well just shift into rebuilding mode and start Rodgers.