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Chargers vs.Bears- Game Thread

The Bears get a little national TV action with this one.  Showtime starts at 8.

This should be a pretty exciting matchup at least for a little while.  Things that the Bears need to improve on from last week.

  1. Pass Defense- If LT logs any amount of time the Bears D should have some good oppurtunities to get out and stretch their legs, but it would be nice of them to at least cover some guys.
  2. QB Play- Grossman needs to show something if the Bears want to avoid a full-blown QB contraversy.  
  3. Recevier-  Muhammad is #1 and Davis is #3, but we still don't know if Berrian or Bradley will hold down the #2 spot.  I don't know how much if any they will play, but if either of them can show anything, they could get a good grasp on the spot.
  4. Hester- I just want to see this guy get more runs at the return spot.  All the punts he saw last week were short field and he had to fair catch them.