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Chargers vs.Bears- Recap

First, the contest results will take a bit longer to get to than expected.  I went into my email account this morning and all my emails are gone, so I cannot tally up about 10 submissions.  As soon as they can retrieve my mail, I will get you the results of that.

Not much going on today other than the coaches continuing to answer the inevitable Grossman questions.  

A few things I took from the game.

  1.  Regardless of what the coaches say, the offense just runs smoother when Griese is under center.
  2. Bears D is already in mid season shape.  What they do this year could be down right scary.
  3. We have some serious speed in the return game.  Between Hester, Davis and Manning I don't recall seeing so many defenders whiff before.
  4. We have been touting Bradley and Berrian and I know it is early, but could Davis be our future #1 receiver?
  5. Robbie Gould must have put some serious work into his leg strength this off season, he has been drilling the long field goals.  I would like to see the kick offs go a bit longer though.
  6. Still way too many dropped balls.  We are not the Seahawks, lets get that taken care of soon.
  7. I still would like to see our offense run with Jones and/or Benson in the lineup before the regular season.  I doubt it, but it would be nice.
  8. When Urlacher says he wants to concentrate on big plays, I guess he means it.
  9. Is it just me or is everybody on the Bears D throwing absolutely crushing tackles?
  10. Can somebody please tell Orton, he doesn't have to go for the end zone on the first play inside the red zone?  Every time we are down there he throws an interception.