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Benson might not get it

I am sure everybody connected to Cedric Benson has been telling him that the gig is his and it might be, but he doesn't quite seem to understand how things work and how tempramental this game can be.

With Thomas Jones being down with a hamstring problem, Benson started to state his case for the starting spot with his play.  He then hurt his shoulder and is out for a period of time.  Meanwhile, TJ is back on the field and if he can perform like we think he can, Benson might find himself back on the bench.

Cocky as ever Benson left the sidelines of Friday's game against the Chargers during the first quarter simply because he wanted to watch the game from a TV in the equipment manager's office.

Benson received what one source called severe punishment.  I don't know what that entials, but it doesn't help get you on the field any quicker.  

The big questions is who is the source.  It is rumored that Benson is not well liked in the locker room and a player leaked the incident and punishment.  To add to his problems, he doesn't seem to care that he is liked by his team.  I am not saying it is the most important thing, but if a team doesn't have faith in you, your road might just as easily lead off a team.