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The T.O. Question

This isn't Bears related but the fact that it has even been brought up is beyond my realm of understanding and if Grizz ever gets finished hobknobbing with the Cowboys at practice I would much like to hear his take on it, but for now, I am asking for some nonhomer opinions on this topic.  

Over at ProFootballTalk a source of theirs brought up a scenario involving T.O.'s mysterious non healing hamstring.  Just take a look at this bit:

To the extent that the Cowboys would contemplate dumping Owens and his $5 million salary before it becomes fully guaranteed on the first weekend of the regular season, the fact that Owens has a hamstring injury that he claims was aggravated by a premature return to practice would result in either an injury settlement or a grievance, if he is cut before he is completely healed.

And maybe that's why (as we reported early Sunday) Owens is taking the position that he might not be 100 percent until the second week of the regular season, since even one game check obtained is worth nearly $300,000.

In fact, the recent statement by Jerry Jones that Owens might have another MRI on his hamstring could be part of a plan by the team to ensure that he's technically "healthy" before they make a final decision as to whether having T.O. and the intense media scrutiny that he attracts for the full course of a 17-week season is worth the headache.

This is just confusing the hell out of me.  First let me state that PFT is not saying they will, they are merely reporting on someone's opinion.  That said, if there is any truth to this, I have to ask "Did anybody in the Cowboys organization see what happened with TO and his team the last 5 years?"  Is it a complete surprise that you are dealing with primadonna actions?  T.O. is the league's ultimate Diva, if he doesn't get his way, you don't get his full effort.

What is your take on this?