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WCG Debates?

I have on occasion thrown up a post asking how you like the site and what if anything would you like to see.  Despite everybody being cool with the way things are run, I am always looking for ways to get the readers involved.  I came up with an idea and was curious if you are interested.

There are some big opinions with the readers of WCG and a lot of you enjoy dropping the knowledge in the comments section, so I was thinking about trying to bring some of them out onto the main page.

The easy explanation of this is as follows.  I or one of you suggests a topic.  Something along the lines of Benson vs. Jones, or even a non-WCG topic like to T.O. or not to T.O.  Then we find two of you who have differing opinions and you will each write up your position.

No limits on your response, just until you get your point across.  At that point we can either just let it be and let the comments take care of things or if some type of follow up is needed than so be it.

How does that sound to you?  Anybody interested?