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Cardinals vs Bears- Game Thread

This one is not a national TV game as far as I know, but it probably is local and I am sure the NFL Network will rerun it sometime tonight.  The Cardinals are a sexy pick for making the playoffs this year because of their talented skill players, but people seem to forget about their sub par defense and their shotty offensive line.  This should be a good chance for Chicago's D line, still without a sack this preseason, to get on a roll.  Same goes for the Bears receivers which should have everybody back from injury.  This will also be the first game back for Thomas Jones; although, they might take it easy on him and he might only play a few series.

I am on a computer without photo editing software, so no fancy graphic.

Here is a piece highlighting the players and positions that need to make progress this game, as if you couldn't have guessed it yourself.

4. Bubble boys

Rookie offensive linemen Mark LeVoir of Notre Dame and Tyler Reed of Penn State have played well enough to make the practice squad. Defensive tackle Antonio Garay and defensive end Jamaal Green face a difficult numbers game. Defensive end Mark Anderson, receiver/special-teamer Alex Bannister and defensive lineman Michael Haynes will get their only shots this week.