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Branch almost a free man

Update 2: On MNF, Branch and his agent said they plan on calling Seattle, Denver and Philadelphia. I think this is a mistake, Denver and Seattle don't have drastic needs at reciever and if he is trying to get his contract number up he needs to find teams that are desperate for a receiver and overpay him.

UPDATE: I just heard a take I hadn't considered. It is possible they will let Branch go out and talk to teams and realize that he isn't worth Moss type money and will the sign back with the Pats at a much more managable rate. Talk about a buzz kill.

Earlier on this month I posted a diary over on Pats Pundit about how Pats fans would feel about trading Deion Branch.  For a brief few misunderstood posts, I was told in no circumstances was this to happen.  Well, well talk about a turning of the tides.

The New England Patriots have given Branch and his agent permission to seek trade suitors and work on a new contract.

This offer is open until 4pm on September the 1st.

Surprisingly, this article did not evoke the Bears  by name as any article written in this little thing we call the intrasphere names Chicago when a receiver possibly comes on the market.

I am all for building through the draft and letting the young guys grow, but I am tired of waiting.  A team only has a few year before they have to enter rebuilding in some form.  Decide what combination of Berrian, Gage, Bradley and Davis you want and ship the rest in exchange for Branch.  We have spent a stadium load of money on our defense, why not put out a little more to give whoever is quarterbacking this year's Super  Bowl champion team a great experienced receiver.

I am going to play devil's advocate here and just going to throw out a fantasy GM trade and see what you think of it.

Bernard Berrian and Cedric Benson for Deion Branch and Lawrence Maroney.

Remember this is just an idea for some fun posting, so don't jump all over me.