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Garcia to be third string?

I generally try to keep things here Bear oriented, but this is a weird story that I thought you might get a kick out of from reading.  I read this a few days ago, so unfortunately I don't recall the original source.

The Eagles brought Jeff Garcia to compete and almost assuredly win their backup QB job.  His competition is Koy Detmer.

The problem is Garcia either is not good at or has never been a very good holder for field goals, while Detmer has held for Akers for years now.

Per NFL rules, if your third string QB comes onto the field to play your 1st and 2nd QBs are done.  They can no longer play.  So if Detmer is their #3 and they need him to hold for field goals both McNabb and Garcia would not be allowed to reenter the game.  So now, Garcia finds himself possibly ending up the Eagles #3.  Wow!