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Contest Info

All is quiet on the Bears front.  I will have a game thread up later today, but I thought with no news brings a good time to go through the contest I held a week or so back.  I finally have the email back and just need to go through to verify the times they were sent.  I think three people guessed 2 of the three players I picked.

To recap it was a 10 man league and I picked second.  I had decided that the order I wanted my backs were Alexander, Tomlinson and Johnson.  It so happened that #1 went for LJ, so my first pick was Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander.

I had done a ton of mock drafts and the one thing I realized was at my spot the backs at around the 15 spot on to the 25th were remarkably similar and all had a ton of questions, so I changed my strategy a little, whereas I normally grab my first two runnings backs with my first two picks.  With my second pick I chose Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Again on the turn the backs didn't look any more exciting and since most had taken two backs already I knew even though I wouldn't pick for another 17 picks that most would not take a back, but they would jump all over recievers, so I decided to grab another reciever and have probably the best starting two in the leauge, assuming he starts.  So with my 3rd pick, I choose Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens.

As mentioned three people picked two correct, I will sort out the times later and get that out to you.

I've said before that I am a pretty disciplined drafter, but some of the teams I am playing with buy heavy into runs and it at times forces you take positions earlier than I would want.

The rest of my team looks like this:

Eli Manning
Kurt Warner
Phillip Rivers
Brian Griese

Shaun Alexander
Jamal Lewis
Laurence Malroney(r)
Cedric Benson
Samkon Gado

Larry Fitzgerald
Terrell Owens
Darrell Jackson
Keyshawn Johnson
Jerry Porter

Randy McMichael
Dallas Clark

Lawrence Tynes

Tampa Bay

I really wanted the Bears defense and was prepared to take it a tad earlier than I might, but one of the guys was using a #1 rank strategy and would pick any player or team that was ranked number 1 way too early.  He drafted the Bears and Vinateri by round 7.