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PFT ranks Bears #9

ProFootballTalk has the Bears ranked at #9 on their power rankings and while you can see based on the online poll to the right, that area is about where we would rank them, I do however have a few bones to pick with the write up.

Again, less is given to the potential off our offense and more to what was and the contract problems with some of our players.  Each player is under contract and knows their leverage gets no better by missing game time, so that is a moot point.  

I also have issues with people discounting the return game as a means to improve the offense.  Our offense isn't dynamic, so fielding the ball already closer to the end zone is a big deal.

Last year, becuase Orton was a rookie, the play book was significantly stripped down.  It will be much more opened with Grossman and Griese at the helm.

Overall, I can't really argue with what they say, they take a few pot shots, but also give credit where it is due, but a lot of times these write ups by sites seem a bit incomplete.