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Wesley, Hidden Gem?

After Steve Smith's thrashing of the Bears secondary last year in the playoffs, any move they made that imporved that secondary was made a big deal.  With the signing of Ricky Manning Jr from the Panthers and the drafting of Danieal Manning and Devin Hester it is hardly deniable; although, it is more than just Smith causing the moves.  One of the more under the radar moves the Bears made was signing CB Dante Wesley, who coincidentally backed up Manning Jr. in Carolina last year.

The Bears had plans on making him a core special teams player, but were pleseantly surprised by his skills at CB.

"I've liked him since he's been here," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "It just seems like each day he's making a play. ... When he came in here initially, we would talk about him being one of our core special teams players. They didn't tell us he has these type of skills."

Coach Smith and DC Rivera are now trying to find ways of getting Wesley on the feild more on defense.

Rivera suggested possibly putting the 6-foot-1, 210-pound player on the field against taller receivers.

"You could be in a situation where teams have a couple of Muhsin Muhammad-type players, a big wide receiver," Rivera said. "Maybe you bring (Wesley) in on occasion to spell Nathan Vasher, let him bang on them."?

Vasher is 5-10, 180, but has led the Bears during the past two years with 13 interceptions.

Rivera said he has no problem with the way Vasher matches up against taller receivers, but Wesley could give him an added weapon.

Whatever they do or whoever they use, the Bears now seem to have some serious speed and skill in the secondary.  With improvement there and any improvment the offense could make all point to a stellar year by the Bears.