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Goodell named NFL Commisoner

I was looking for a good article this morning, that talked a little bit about Roger Goodell as opposed to just telling me he is the new commish.  I found this one , which is pretty good.  A little history, some quotes from owners and a rundown on some of his biggest success at his previous position.

Then again, it would have been hard for them to say no. Over the last two decades, the 47-year-old maneuvered his way through countless negotiations with television networks, foreign countries, gigantic corporations, hostile municipalities and union executives to push the NFL to its position as easily the most successful sports league in the country.

"We're continuing something that has gone very well," New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said after the announcement. "Roger said he got his MBA from Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue. That's pretty good."-via