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White could have been a Bear?

The problem with a 26-0 blow out of the Pack, with no bad play to harp on and no injuries to talk about and no player movement to mention is that I am stuck trying to find material for the site and 80 articles about a Chicago furniture store having to pay 300,000 for the shut out isn't quite what I have in mind.

This bit is a big reach, but it is interesting to think about.  What follows is the entire piece:

When Reggie White was a Philadelphia Eagles free agent in 1993, six other NFL teams made bids to sign the future Hall of Fame defensive end. Those teams were the Browns, Redskins, 49ers, Vikings, Lions and Packers.

"We never got a call from the Bears," White's widow, Sarah White, told me on Sunday. "Reggie was friends with Mike Singletary and Todd Bell, who died last year (at age 47 of heart complications), but for some reason he never got a call from the Bears."

Obviously, there needed to be a follow up question along the lines of "Did Reggie want to play for the Bears?" or "Would he have strongly considered playing for them?"

The impact could have been minimal to enormous.  The Pack did have a good team, so we will never know if they would have won that year and who knows what might have happened if White came to Chicago.