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Gotta love those Minny journalists

Here is a small bit that appeared in a quick hits kind of piece for a Minnesota paper.

The Vikings' Brad Johnson, who turns 38 today and is being paid $1.2 million this season, has established himself as the top quarterback in the NFC North Division, and that includes the Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre, 36, who is being paid $10 million.

Now, your point is taken.  I get what you are saying about the amount Johnson is making versus what Favre is making, but I have to call BS to part of it.  Johnson has established himself as the top QB in the NFC North?  Really?  Based on what?  Don't get me wrong, Johnson is a nice QB, but if he was really the second coming he would have stayed with a team for more than 2 years.  Take a look at the numbers from the NFC North QBs last week:

Rex Grossman: 262, 1TD 1INT
Brad Johnson: 233, 1TD 0INT
Jon Kitna:    229, 0TD 0INT
Brett Favre:  170, 0Td 2INT

Now I am not outright saying anybody is better than anyone QB, but if you are talking about just this year, sorry you are a tad behind.  If you are talking over a career, then you lag quite a bit behind the accomplishments of Favre.

I know I am taking this a bit too far, but I am all about defending Grossman right now and moving that Reggie White post down a few knotches.