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Harris taking the league by storm

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris has been getting a lot of praise of late from other teams no less.

After this week's game with the Packers, Favre compared him favorably to Warren Sapp.  

Both Cleveland and Arizona couldn't believe Harris' speedy first step during preseason games and complained that he was getting off the ball before they could.

Speaking of his technique, Harris has this to say.

"You got kids? You remember when you had a baby and you could just feel when she was about to fall?" Harris said. "That's how it is with me. It's second nature. It's instinct. You are not going to let your daughter fall. You put your life on it to keep it from happening. That's how I feel about this. I have turned it into a habit, and it's become second nature.

"You periph[eral] the ball. I'm looking straight through this guy. I don't hear anything. I'm not listening for anything. I just focus in."