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Hester on defense by choice

I posted a poll in the diary section asking if you would rather see Devin Hester play defense or offense and 69% of you said offense.  It was also thought that the Bears drafted him at CB to add to the overall speed of the secondary, but as it turns out it is by Hester's request.  It turns out that Hester grew up a huge Deion Sanders fan.

Hester's affinity for Sanders has affected his position. He dreams of playing cornerback, and that's a primary reason why he has not been moved to offense. Hester chooses his words carefully, but his heart lies on defense and that's what he told Bears coach Lovie Smith when he was approached a week after the draft to see if he had an interest in moving to the other side of the ball. But he's willing to do what is best for the team, and if it means playing offense, he's game.

Hester came on board as about our 5th or 6th cornerback in camp, but is quickly making a name for himself.

He is moving elsewhere -- up the depth chart, passing Dante Wesley last week to become the backup to Nathan Vasher on the right side. When Charles Tillman needed a breather in the second half, the Bears felt good giving Hester three snaps with a safe lead.

''The game slowed down for him,'' secondary coach Steve Wilks said. ''That's the key. We gained a lot more confidence in him because he gained a lot more confidence in himself.''

While secondary coach Sanders doesn't want to loose him, he still believes that Hester should get some touches on offense.

'They should figure out a way to get him touches,'' Sanders said. ''He could play two ways because he's not getting the reps on defense. There are so many ways to use him, but I just don't want them to take him off his dream of being the best cornerback in the league. The Bears should use him in all various ways.''

Either way, I think other teams will be kicking themselves a few years for now for passing on this kid.

On a side note, Hester was almost a Titan.  Tennessee had called him and congratulated him as they were about to pick him.  It is not said what changed their mind, but the Titans decide to go with LenDale White instead.