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Bears crush another NFC North Foe

Quickly, Chad has already sent me a game recap, but I want to give other people a chance.  If you want to write one, do so and send it my way and I can post it.  Now onto the good stuff.

I was sure that this game would be won or lost on the running game, then somebody who played like Joe Montana showed up.  I was hoping they would give Grossman the chance to get that extra 10+ yards to go over 300 yards he deserved it.  For the record Grossman came in second to Eli Manning in the player of the night polls that NBC does, which is an absolute robbery.  Manning only played good the second half, but we move on.

Next week though, I suspect we will need to get more out of the run game.  Minnesota has some talent in the secondary and if we can get any type of a run game going, that would help greatly.

No, there will not be a player of the game poll here, because we all know who gets it.

For the record in two different leagues I had Grossman and Eli sitting on the bench.  

Clark is finally showing what we have been hearing from the staff for years now.

Again on NBC's show, Collinsworth just picked the Bears for his Super Bowl pick.  It's OK, Mr. Johnny Come Lately, we have plenty of room on the band wagon.

Just a note, does Shannon Sharpe even watch the games.  I think he screwd up at least 5 people's names yesterday.