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Manning on the rise

The league might be overly focused on the Manning brothers, but Bears fans have another set of Mannings to watch and one of them is quickly making a name for himself.  Rookie Danieal Manning has moved ahead of 2nd year safety Chris Harris in nickel packages.

A lot of teams bring in six DBs when an offense goes to four receivers," coach Lovie Smith said. "Having a player like him, he can drop down and play that corner position, which he was able to do [Sunday] and made a big play on a tipped ball. He brings a lot ability, a lot of range to that position, and he's a good tackler.

I think GM JA gets a great deal of joy when he proves everybody wrong.  We trade down to the second round and everybody is expecting us to take Pope and he drops a name on us that most had never heard of, then he refuses to take a TE at all in the draft and we all go crazy and Desmond Clark comes out and lights it up.  Not that I am arguing, I just can see him sitting back watching game tape with a big smile on his face knowing that he was right.