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Bears beat the Vikings with late TD

With the Bears only TD of the game, Grossman and Davis sealed the Bears 19-16 win over the Vikings.  This moves the Bears to 3-0 and to an early lead in the NFC North.  

What I find most impressive, maybe even more so than last week's performance, is the way Grossman handled this game.  We have to accept that INTs by Grossman, that is who he is, as he can rebound, which we now know he can.

Usually, in a Bears win the QB stats look like 72 yds, 0TDs and 5 INTs. Now Grossman's numbers would have looked decent even in a loss, but that is for another time, because we certainly did not loss.

Robbie Gould is turning into a big time kicker.  What is he 10/10 this year?

Distribution of the ball was again very good.  Can I send out a FU to all those who said Muhammad was past his prime?  I guess everybody chose to ignore who was throwing the ball last year.

Of course we cannot discuss this without discussing potential issues for the team due to injuries.  While official word is not yet know both Desmond Clark and Lance Briggs suffered some type of injury. Hopefully neither is too serious.