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Chad's Bears Recap

I will be out most of the morning at a doctor's appointment, so if anything goes down update the diaries and I will take care of the main page when I come back.  Also, what happened to all my recappers?  I had about 6 of you, yet only one is sending them in.  If you have one, drop them in the diary section.

3 and 0.  The Bears are really 3 and 0.  And while we won ugly I saw too much good to worry about the one glaring problem I still am seeing even after three weeks. (I'm looking at you running game) But lets look on the bright side:

Musin Muhammed continues to haul in pass after pass after pass.  He notched 100 yards and while he didn't catch a TD he keeps on making the big play on every third down.

Robbie Gould continues on channeling Jan Stenerud and just won't seem to miss.  He kicked a career long 49 yarder.  His kick offs were back to normal and I feel vindicated in accusing his three touchbacks last week of being wind aided.

Rashied Davis ran a fantastic route and got himself wide open for the game winning score.  This guy is such a huge bonus as a third wide out as I think that he over matches any nickleback or safety.  This kid is going to do some fantastic exciting things.

Des Clark looked good until he hurt his leg.  I heard sprained ankle and let's hope that's all it is.  They way he pulled up in the middle of the play looked pretty bad.  Let's just say that I always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Our defense wasn't that great today and was bailed out by some sloppy play and penalties.  I will say that our defense got hosed with two terrible penalties (ok, 1 terrible and 1 so/so) Just cause Alex Brown LOOKED like he was offsides doesn't mean he was offisides.  Replays clearly show that he timed the snap perfectly and sacked Johnson.  But since we are talking about the defense, they really didn't look good.  Even my buddy (I've never met him) Brian Urlacher was missing tackles and getting blocked.  The worst example was towards the end of the game when the Vikes had a chance to seal the game.  With 4 and a half left and us down 4 the Vikes looked like they were going to have to punt.  On third and five they hand off to Muelde Moore who breaks 25 tackles (Urlacher and Mike Brown both) and runs 8 yards for the first down.  Of course three plays later we force a fumble and get way better field position.  But I only bring this up as if we are going to expect to ride our D to the Super Bowl, they have to make that play.

I know I'm harping on that one play but really, if the Vikes weren't total bumbling idiots the game was over.  And speaking of bumbling nice play calling Minnesota! Down three on third and 7 with the game on the line they hand off for 5 yards then on 4th and 2 they throw deep to a double covered Troy Williamson.

Devin Hester is and exciting playmaker but that kid has got a bad case of happy feet.  But he's young and he'll learn.  I still get excited every time he fields a punt.

Speaking of punts, damn Brad Maynard you are punting like a man possessed.  They guy AVERAGED 50 yards a punt today.  That alone is a huge boon to the defense.

Bring it on Rainmen.  I eagerly await a real test and a possible preview of the NFC Championship game in SOLDIER FIELD!!!!