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Power Rankings

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Power Rankings are out and here is how we stack up.

ESPN 4- Rex Grossman probably will have more bumpy games, but with the Bears defense, it might not matter.

CBS- 5 -They might be one of those teams that finds a way all season long. That was a big victory at Minnesota, but here come the Seahawks. 5- The Bears are 7-0, 6-1 ATS in their last seven regular season games played at Soldier Field, but this week it's the Seahawks who come calling.

RealFootball365 4- True contenders, even when not at their best, manage to win ballgames. The Bears, who struggled against the division-rival Vikings, showed major moxie with their late-game triumph, especially from young QB Rex Grossman.

FOX Sports 4- The last time a guy named "Rex" was making sports headlines, a buzz-cutted shooting guard with the last name Chapman was flinging three-pointers at the rim for the Kentucky Wildcats. Rex Grossman's all the rage in Chicago, now. For the first time since Jim ... Jim McMahon ... er ... Sid Luckman, the Bears have a legitimate threat at quarterback. And the defense isn't bad either.

Football, 4- Looks like maybe the Bears knew what they were doing in passing on a receiver and tight end in the draft.