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Bears' Cuts

Here is a list of players the Bears cut to make the 53 man roster limitation.

Fullback Keith Belton
Defensive End Jamal Green
Defensive End Michael Haynes
Offensive Tackle Mark LeVoir
Running Back P.J. Pope
Guard Tyler Reed
Punter Joel Stelly
Linebacker Rod Wilson
Tight End Cooper Wallace

Some still can keep their address in Chicago though, as the Bears have signed Jamaal Green, Mark LeVoir, P.J. Pope, Tyler Reed and linebacker Rod Wilson to the practice squad.

Early cut to get the team to 64 were:

Wide Receiver Craig Bragg
Wide Receiver Mark Philmore
Defensive Back Dion Byrum
Defensive Back Abraham Elimimian
Defensive Back Jason Harmon
Defensive Back Carlos Hendricks
Defensive Tackle Delbert Cowsette
Running Back Andre Hall
Offensive Lineman Travis Leffew

The Bears also waived injured linebacker Jeremy Cain and terminated the contract of tackle Steve Edwards.