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Bears will look at Watts

What is most telling about our search for a number two can be summed up by this line from an aritcle by Brad Biggs.  

It could be the Bears kept six wide receivers because of the fear they don't have five.

The Bears believe they have talent at the #2 spot, the problem is they are either inconsistent or can't stay on the field long enough.  Currie and Gage were sidelined just as Bradley and Berrian are coming back.

With the in mind it is no surprise that the Bears today are working out Denver cast off Darius Watts.

He has good size at 6-2, 190 pounds, and possesses speed that is difficult to contain, but has shown questionable hands. Angelo liked him when he came out of Marshall.

Usually this type of stuff is just typical agent talk and I am sure it still is, but with the Bears still not having named a #2, it would be a good situation for Watts to have a chance at getting back on the field.

'Obviously, the Bears are a good situation,'' said Todd France, Watts' agent. ''And Darius is very interested in Chicago. We were OK with what happened in Denver. He needed a fresh start because there were a lot of things there that didn't make sense. I know the Bears have very big interest in Darius.''