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Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Game Thread

Well, here it is.  It took forever, but we are finally ready for kickoff and what a kickoff it is going to be.  Sure it is only the Pack, but still its the freakin Pack.

I tried to get a Packers perspective for this, but didn't have enough time for it to be written.

All the press and media people will make this a Brett Favre and Rex Grossman headline event.  Both have question marks as to what their season may be, but this game will be won or lost on our D line versus their O line.  Their line is very young and if our line wants to be conisidered one of the premiere it needs to dominate them.  If they do that, it won't matter what our offense does.

BEARS Injury Report as of Thursday Sept. 7
Player Position Injury Status
Gabe Reid TE Back Questionable
J.D. Runnels FB Ankle Questionable
Alex Brown DE Shoulder Questionable
Mike Brown SS Achilles Questionable
Justin Gage WR Rib Questionable
Israel Idonije DT Ankle Questionable
Cedric Benson RB Shoulder Questionable
Mark Bradley WR Hip Questionable

If this works, thanks to Chad for the idea. In theory you should be able to hold a chat during the came if you so choose.