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Defending Grossman

It is the way of the media, take what you want and run with it.  Not that they didn't have reason after Grossman's comments following the Green Bay loss, but it is odd that I am finally hearing Coach Smith's take on it a week and a half after.

"First off, did the game have a lot of meaning to us?" Smith said. "No, it didn't. It's not the same. It's not. As far as `preparation,' he went through the same routine he always does. I think sometimes when you don't play as well as you want, you want to give someone a reason, and that was the easy way. Take it from me: Rex prepared. He didn't play as well as he needed to. It's as simple as that."

Jeff Garcia completed one of three passes for the Eagles in Game 16. Drew Brees threw five passes in the Saints' loss to the Panthers.

"The same thing happened with Rex, only he said things differently," Smith said. "You know Rex; nobody ever prepares more than Rex. He's here every Tuesday, his off day, and that Tuesday he was here like he always is. Rex prepares."