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BEARS win in OT

It was tough, sloppy, beautiful, heart wrenching, exhilarating and the most wonderful thing these eyes have seen in some time.

Despite once again letting the opposing team get back into the game after taking an early lead, the Bears hit a late FG and put on an outstanding defensive stand to force OT.  In OT again the Bears defense stepped up for the stop and turned the ball over to the Bears.

A pass to Davis got the Bears into field goal range and Robbie Gould knocked it home.

Grossman played well despite the Bears playcalling getting a bit conservative in the middle portions of the game.  The Bears defense gave up way to many important yards, but made plays when they needed.  

Receivers played well minus to dropped passes down inside the 20.

Here come the Saints, and I imagine a week's worth of hearing how we are not going to win, for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Go Bears!