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Early Draft Entrants

I have been trying to stay away from too many draft posts until after we have won the Super Bowl, but Sean over at Pride Of Detroit has put together a full list of early entrants.

*Colt Brennan (Hawaii) make a final decision
*JaMarcus Russell (LSU)

Running Backs
*Ahmad Bradshaw (Marshall)
*Michael Bush (Louisville)
*Chris Henry (Arizona)
*Brandon Jackson (Nebraska)
*Marshawn Lynch (California)
*Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
*Antonio Pittman (Ohio State)
*Gary Russell (Minnesota) - Dismissed from team
*Ramonce Taylor (Texas) - Dismissed from team
*Darius Walker (Notre Dame)
*Danny Ware (Georgia)
*Dwayne Wright (Fresno State)

Wide Receivers
*Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State)
*Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio State)
*Dwayne Jarrett (Southern Cal)
*Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech)
*Robert Meachem (Tennessee)
*Maurice Price (Charleston Southern)
*Sidney Rice (South Carolina)

Tight Ends
*Zach Miller (Arizona State)
*Greg Olsen (Miami)
*Luke Smith-Anderson (Idaho)

Offensive Lineman

Defensive Lineman
*Jamaal Anderson (Arkansas)
*Antwan Applewhite (San Diego State)
*Alan Branch (Michigan)
*Stanley Doughty (South Carolina) - Dismissed from team
*Charles Johnson (Georgia)
*Jarvis Moss (Florida)

*Jon Abatte (Wake Forest)
*Jon Beason (Miami)
*Rory Johnson (Ole Miss)
*Brandon Siler (Florida)
*Lawrence Timmons (Florida State)

Defensive Backs
*C.J. Gaddis (Clemson)
*Chris Houston (Arkansas)
*Reggie Nelson (Florida)
*Darrelle Revis (Pittsburgh)
*Ryan Smith (Florida)
*Eric Wright (UNLV)