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It's Midnight For This Cinderella

I, like most, but since I run the blog I get to say it louder have been nothing short of indignant when talking about the media's constant dismissal of the Bears.  It seems they have had enough of it as well and are finally speaking out on it.

"We definitely want this Cinderella story to end," coach Lovie Smith said, apparently no fan of fairy tales.

The Bears, not the Saints, led the NFC in victories, but, like many, all they have heard about this season is Reggie Bush, Tony Romo or whoever is the hot NFL story every week. Every story, that is, except them.

"It has been like, all year," tight end John Gilmore said. "Even when we were ranked No. 1, the national media was always saying something like, 'Who's No. 1 this week, the New Orleans Saints or the Dallas Cowboys?'

The Saints have two No. 1 draft picks in their backfield in Bush and Deuce McAllister. So do the Bears, Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones, and the Bears' duo rushed for a better average and more yards.

To be fair, however, with Bush's 88 receptions, the Saints' pair had nearly 500 more total yards from scrimmage.

The Bears' top two wide receivers, Bernard Berrian and Muhsin Muhammad, had better production than the Saints' rookie sensation Marques Colston and either veteran Joe Horn or Devery Henderson. But Colston, a seventh-round pick selected only four picks short of becoming Mr. Irrelevant, is the darling national story.

"You feel disrespected a little bit," Berrian said.

In the end I don't care what the Bears use to hype themselves.  The fact is even when we were clearly the best in the NFC they always found somebody else to push to the top and now that we are one win away from a SuperBowl and at worst we are second best to a team that it took the media about 13 weeks to decide, they are going to use the Saints as a way of backing out of what they say.  You know right not all the haters are praying the Saints win.  If the Bears leave this game victorious or worse completely crush the Saints they know they are all going to have to go on TV and talk about it and we will be there to mock them every step of the way.

Kruetz says it best.

"Who cares?" center Olin Kreutz demanded. "We'll find out on Sunday."