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Bears to disappoint?

Right about now Mel Kiper's hair is caving in on itself, Stuart Scott is lost for words, Michael Irvin said something that made sense, Kenny Mayne made a useful contribution and Dan Patrick's ego collapsed.  OK, that last one will never happen, but ESPN did something that really will set the world on it's ear.  Kind of like if you were to go back into the past and talk to yourself or if you use your easy button to find another easy button.  ESPN actually stayed the same, yet changed in one article.  With one swoop Eric Allen and Mark Schlereth opened a void that actually made Berman do highlights without using nicknames.  They dumped on the Bears and the Cowboys at the same time.  You heard me right.  As Charlie Stiener once said:


as we head for the fallout shelter of our choosing.

The place in question is ESPN's 5 Burning Questions.

First, both agree that the Saints are going to beat the Bears in the Conference Finals.  Allen thinks handily, but whatever we have been hearing that all season, but then this question comes up:

2. What will be the biggest disappointment?

and all the world morn as trees wilt and cockroaches die; although, I bet Cold Pizza will survive.

Mark Schlereth: The Chicago Bears. It's ridiculous that a team that finished three games ahead of the No. 2 seed in the conference won't represent that conference, but the Bears have too many flaws to make the Super Bowl.

Eric Allen: The Cowboys. This is a team that might be as bad as it has played despite the enormous amount of talent on the field. They are still very capable, but the expectations are way too high. They aren't jelling well, and everything in the locker room is spewing out into the open. Winning playoff teams have a cohesiveness. This team doesn't have that, and it's going to cost them.

In the space of a paragraph, these two giants of football knowledge, destroyed 25 years worth of foundation that ESPN has put together of front running, man crushes and boldly and incorrectly predicting winners.  I suppose I should be happy, this likely means the Bears can expect to see Dallas for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

The question then comes up about what will be said about Rex Grossman after the playoffs and while nothing is new and untrue, Allen drops a line about the Bears needing to have a better run game.

Uh..sphinctersaywhat?  You mean the one that just had a rusher average 8.4 per carry?  Don't get me wrong I am not comparing TJ and Benson to Tomlinson and Michael Turner, but our workhorses are playing pretty well right now considering every team we have faced is bringing the bulls to pressure our QB.