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Bears shuffling again

20+ years and 20+ QBs late the Bears are going back to where they were born to be, the Super Bowl.

The Bears have proven that they ARE AND HAVE BEEN THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFC ALL YEAR.

Salisbury, shove it.

Schlareth, stick it.

To pretty much all of ESPN, how much do you get paid to know about football?

To those who said this front four could not get pressure without Harris, eat it.

To those who said this defense is not the same that last few weeks, try 14 points to the league's number 1 offense.

Benson and Jones both had outstanding games.  Benson went for a tought 60 yards.  TJ went for 123 and 2 TDs.  The receivers and Grossman after a rough start made it spark just when they needed to.

There will be those who will still knock Grossman and maybe it is still appropriate, but his numbers do not accurately show what he did.  Almost the entire 2nd quarter they just ran the ball, but in the drive that turned the whole thing around he went 6/6 for 60 yards.

So get Miami ready, because King Rex, Moose, TJ, Ced, Peanut, Blaze, Vash the Dash, Grrlacher and the boys are coming to have a party.  Colts/Pats, take a good look, you boys in for a fight.  Brint it and GO BEARS!