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BEARS and COLTS - Super Bowl XLI

Ding Dong, the witch is dead!  Peyton Manning will finally have his day at the Super Bowl.

Manning vs. Tillman
Addai vs. Urlacher
Grossman vs. Sanders
Chad vs. BBS

It's on!  

I think in the end the Colts are a better team for us to play.  Their offense and defense is vanilla and by vanilla I don't mean simple, but instead it is always the same.  The Patriots switch things up on both sides of the ball every game.  The Colts aren't likely to do anything that is just going to completely throw Grossman off his game.  

The big story I think will be the health of Bob Sanders.  He is the anchor of this defense.  Much like Mike Brown their run defense plays better when he is in the game.  Their run defense wasn't great today and with Jones and Benson playing so well right now we can expect a healthy dose of both come two weeks.  Game On!