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Letters from the Bears: America

Dear America,

We're sorry!  Really.  We really understand that this would have made for a wonderful piece of Americana story. Just straight up Betsy Ross, Apple Pie good for your heart type of stuff.

What happened to New Orleans and surronding areas was tragic on so many levels.  Then comes the New Orleans Saints.  A team that has a historical football background that rivals the Lions.  New shiny QB fresh off shoulder surgery.  A brand new RB that you know if any other sane GM had that number one pick you wouldn't have had.  A new set of break out receivers.  You went on a run that captured the imagination of even the youngest or most unknowledgable football fans.

In all honesty if it wasn't us, we would have been rooting hard for you just like everybody else.  We feel bad for you and especially for Joe Horn.  Horn, an off and on Pro Bowler, has become the face of New Orleans during the football season.  We have so many times watched as they had him give tours around areas that still have yet to be rebuilt.  You introduced us to the very people who needed this team to succeed.

The problem is though, we needed it to and you just stepped in front of a steam roller.  We love ya, but we are the Bears, the most storied franchise in all of football.  So many firsts and so much history in football runs through this team.  It is a stain on football that Chicago has only been to the championship game one time since the Super Bowl began.  Those also ran Vikings have been to what? 4 of them.  Is there no justice in this world?

That has all changed now.  Our man Lovie has shown us a new way.  He has taken us to a place we weren't sure we would ever see again.  He took us to the land were Dikta used to roam.  

We feel for you and hope you get what you deserve in the end.  Maybe next year is your year.  Maybe you win 4 Super Bowls in the next 5 years, but you see this year is our year.  It is our turn to get a piece of this glory.  We will win, but even if we don't this is huge.  This town has the Cubs and that should be enough of a reason that we have successful teams every so often.  The Bulls carried us for a number of years, but while they slowly inch their way back to the promised land, it is up to us to give these most loyal of sports fans something root for.

Congrats on the great season, we look forward to seeing your many more times in the next few years, but it is now time to stand aside and let us play for our place in history.


The Chicago Bears
2007 NFC Champions
Furture XLI Super Bowl Champions