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SAINTS/BEARS- Bernard Berrian

Oh boy!  You just don't know what you are about to get.  I got speed you ain't never seen before.  You got Reggie Bush, huh?  I say you got jack.  On slow motion replay I am still just a blur.  Careful, this type of speed is liable to burn that jersey right off you.  Colts better lace up cleats with rocket packs, because with Rex loaded and looking down field we are going to be having some fun come Miami.

Our running game is the key to our offense, but as Deion Sanders (whodathunk!) rightly stated the Bears have something the Chiefs and Patriots don't have.  Somebody who can stretch the field.  Berrian once again was the catalyst for our passing offense and when the Saints defense looked to be locking down our run game, Berrian caught a few down field and that opened back up those rush lanes.  Berrian just being on the field makes opposing teams shift what they are doing and after Grossman connects with him on a few, it opens up a whole new level of possibilities for us.  If Bob Sanders has to hang back to help on Berrian, TJ and Benson might be in for big days.  I think Berrian is close to being added to some type of class of receiver for clutch plays.  It seems every game he makes some spectacular catch.