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SAINTS/BEARS- Brian Urlacher

You think I'm overrated?  You think I care?  There you are sitting in your pretty suits and cushy seats while I am out here in the cold and muck defending my house.  I AM the monster of the midway.  You want to come into my den and taunt me, Reggie?  You probably messed your pants when you saw me behind you.  Only reason I didn't leave you a mess of twigs and leaves at the fifty is because I had to come from the other side of the field.  To all of those who dared to doubt me, KNEEL!  KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

I don't think I have to really explain what Urlacher means to this team.  He is this squad's leader and they look to him to set the tone and intensity.  He is in on almost every play and if he isn't he is right there in case his boys can't finish the job.  How many catches did Bush have when Urlacher was covering him?  I think that be none, son.  Urlacher is the best linebacker in the league, bar none.  Everybody seems to think it funny to talk about his lack of a sack, but how often did he actually blitz or rush the QB?  That is not where he is needed.  Why would anybody line him up on the line when he can roam and reek havoc wherever he goes?  

With the offense owning about 35 minutes of possession, it didn't leave the defense a lot of time to rack up stats.  Harris had 9.  Everybody else was in the 4 and 5 range.  

Urlacher can take Dallas Clark out of the equation if they so choose to use him that way and that would be a huge loss for Manning.  I don't think Addai or Rhodes possess the speed or moves to shred this defense.

From Urlacher to the Colts:  You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?(Nothing like a good Tombstone quote to get your point across).