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SAINTS/BEARS- Rex Grossman

Where's your scapegoat now?  You questioned his toughness.  You questioned his ability.  You questioned his intelligence.  You questioned his poise.  Where you at?  My boy is in the Super Bowl, yours is home with all his 80,000 yards and offensive awards wondering what the heck happened.  For 2 weeks at least Rex Grossman is king and King Rex is ready for his crown.

OK, it really wasn't all that, but something needs to be said about the mental toughness of this kid.  How many people could go through everything he did and still stare in defiance at those who would doubt him and play the way he did.  True, he didn't have an outstanding or even great day, but he didn't have to.  I promise you this if the Saints could have gotten away with running the ball on an entire drive they would have.  They couldn't, so Bress had to air it out.  All we ask of Rex is to be ready for the big plays when we need them and he was.  With the Saints mounting a comeback, Grossman calmly walked on the field and led the team to the score.  

Grossman played well all game.  He has thrown just one interception in 5 of his last 6 games(excluding of course the Green Bay game).  That can't be mentioned enough.  He did start off a bit ragged.  He over threw a number of receivers, but receivers botched a few in their own right.  Grossman still was a little weak at feeling the rush, but maybe that was because our line was stuffing the pass rush most of the day.  Grossman did not get sacked once.  He got rid of the ball a number of times and third down.  I know it is hard to eat those, but it was the right thing to do.  Heading to Miami his play should not be in question.  The coaches have 2 weeks to get him ready against a defense they know.  I expect him to be a much bigger part of this next game then he was here.

That's right.  Who was strong enough to stop destiny?  Not your johnny come lately Eagles.  No it was us, we been here all year you just never bothered to open your eyes and accept the truth.