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No Pressure for Grossman

With the Colts making it to the Super Bowl, Rex Grossman gets an unexpected release from pressure.  Peyton Manning will now get most of that.  Sure, plenty will still question Grossman, but it is Manning who will eat most of the attention.

2. Who faces more pressure, Peyton Manning or Rex Grossman?

Allen: Manning faces more pressure because he's more important to the success of his offense. Although it wasn't the case in their first two playoff games, the Colts need Manning to have a big game to win. Only now those big games don't manifest themselves in the stats like they used to when we'd see the four-touchdown games. Now it's showing up as smarter decisions and doing a better job managing the game.

Theismann: The pressure is on Manning because no one expects much from Rex Grossman in this Super Bowl. It's amazing that one of the starting quarterbacks in the biggest game of the year is thought of in such low regard. Grossman is being set up to succeed because even if he has an average game, people are going to act as though he played like Steve Young or Joe Montana.

I really don't care who has the pressure, you are an NFL player getting paid millions you deal with it.  That said I certainly don't have a problem with one less thing floating through Grossman's head.