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Past Predicting the Future?

I keep seeing this story pop up everywhere and really need to talk about it.  In 2004 the Bears and the Colts played in Soldier Field and the Colts put a hurting on us 41-10.  Some seems to think this has any bearing on the coming Super Bowl.

Let us just list factors that no longer apply.

  1. Our starting QB was Craig Krenzel
  2. Mushin Muhammad was not on the team, nor was this version of Bernard Berrian
  3. Urlacher was out with injury
  4. The Colts rushed Edge 39 times.  Edge ain't here no more.
  5. We have at least 5 guys on D, who were not playing that year
  6. One word: Hester
  7. One more word: Gould
Obviously, I cannot say for certain that the score won't mimic the 2004 one, but even if these two teams were exactly the same, just extra years of experience would make a difference in the outcome.