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Bears Relish Being the Underdog

Surprising to none, the Bears are a 7 point dog to the Colts come Super Bowl.  For the Bears it has been that way all year and they wouldn't have it any other way.

"We've won more games than anybody else in the league. That's enough right there," Coach Lovie Smith said. The Colts also have 15 victories, including the playoffs, and four losses.

"As far as us being underdogs, if you look at what all the Colts bring to the table I could see why they would make us underdogs, but we've been in that role before and our guys like the underdog role.

"I wouldn't bet against the Bears if I were a betting man."

In a way being the underdog takes a load of pressure off of you.  Can you imagine the hit Manning will take if he does not win this game?  Same won't be said for Grossman, it was just expected.