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Reasons Bears Will Win the Super Bowl

I have been passing a ton of these up, but knew I also wanted to get a few and this one isn't all that bad and has a few different takes then the rest.

2) The Colts have already played their Super Bowl. Getting past the Patriots ... that was the monkey on Indy's back. Now that that dragon's been slayed, they're going to have an emotional letdown. The Bears, meanwhile, are quietly getting angrier at the lack of respect they've received in the national press and, locally, at being compared to the '85 Bears. There's only one way to stop all that and to validate their season. And it's not as if they're playing the '73 Miami Dolphins. Everyone seems to have forgotten that the Colts lost four of their last seven regular-season games. All four of those losses came on the road, three of them outdoors. The Super Bowl will be played on the road, outdoors, and the Bears, as NFC champions, are the home team.